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Derek@MAC Auto Couture


This GT-R was still dealership fresh when it rolled into the laboratory. Long time friend and customer dropped off his new GT-R when picking up M6... keep it rollin'!!

Time to get choppin' and lose that spolier

Next, it's time to lose that gold... and leave that for Big Daddy Kane!

Matter of fact, this dark gray ain't doing it for me either:

Once you go black, Charlie Sheen smokes crack... and we'll have to accept responsibility. Sorry Charlie!

Time to drop that headliner and add a little class:

Let's work a little color, custom three stage color, and color coded Brembo logo that is:

Now let's reassemble and rock the world!

Uhhh, yeah, ummm, GODDAMN!!!

Here's the cliffs kids:

1) Gloss Black Accents to front bumper, rear bumper, hood vents, fender vents, door handles, mirrors, headlamp surrounds, tail lamp surrounds.
2) Calipers painted custom three stage candy apple red with propriety custom clear coat, mimics the GTR emblem red. Brembo logo body color coded.
3) Factory wheels refinished super gloss black.
4) Suspension drop.
5) Suede headliner and A-pillars.
6) Aluminum trunk spolier delete!
7) Exhaust tips PC'd gloss black
8) and of course, it wouldn't leave MAC AUTO COUTURE without a world class detail!

Coming up next- CUSTOM D2FORGED WHEELS custom painted by MAC!!