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Originally Posted by N54Flyn View Post
Yes it is, but I'm still screwed...
Originally Posted by BRGmatthew View Post
Forreals, they shouldnt void all of the electrical warranty. Thats such bs, you should call BMW of America and complain about that dealer and the SA.
This. You're not screwed. Call the head office and complain. Be firm and explain that this stealership is quite literally scamming you out and stealing your money. I hope you haven't actually paid them that $1700 (or however much the stealer wanted) for a set of tpm sensors and to "flash"/reset the system.

Know that you are still entitled to your warranty and do not stop ripping those dicks new a**holes until you get what's rightfully yours and they learn that it is not okay to lie to and screw their customers.

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