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I ran a modded E39 M5...

A few days ago I did back to back runs against an E39 M5 with Intake , Headers , and Exhaust. Both runs from ~50mph and Both times I let him do the honking as soon as we went at it I started to pull all the way to 140ish and by then I was 4CL ahead according to him. I didn't know who he was at the time but I was able to find him via M5 Board "kill section" and then he told me to call him the Next day and then we spoke and he told me he was really surprised that my car pulled so strong especially on his modded car. After I changed my Air Filter from ITG to BMC I noticed my car rips to redline so effortlessly I really don't regret buying it and recommend it highly(obvioulsy I don't think I gained alot of hp but I do think my ITG was hurting me more then helping me No question about that).I wanted to know if anyone knows what kind of power theose cars put down with mods like that? I know stock they're around 345whp and trap about 108mph in the 1/4 mile.I asked to meet up again for more runs to film but I guess he's kind bothered about it and declined.