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Originally Posted by catlam View Post
I, too, had a really bad experience at Canbec. I requested a BMW loaner when I went to service my car and they were out of cars that day; I was forced to wait at the dealer until a hyundai sonata came in. At times, my car sits there for a long time (over a week) for a service that is just so simple. Not just once to say the least.

Also, I'm currently shopping for a new car (F30 328i x-drive) and I found the prices between Canbec and the other dealers in Montreal differ a lot. And at canbec, a discount was already factored in. Other dealers offered better service and were more professional

I won't be buying my next car from BMW Canbec or servicing it there. I do not recommend Canbec whatsoever. I would make the distance to laval or another dealer.
I *completely* disagree on the service point - this just goes to show that different people have different experiences and everyone's viewpoint has to be considered.

I have had excellent service at Canbec. My SA has been very good, my mechanic even better, and loaners? I had a brand-new X3 plated FOR ME when they were out of cars one time In the almost 4 years I've serviced my car there, I only had a non-BMW car once.

I'm completely not refuting what you're saying - I know this happens - but there are both sides to the story. FWIW, I am not a high-value customer, either - I do not own a different colour car for every day of the week.

I can't comment on their prices seeing as I haven't bought my car from them (this is another interesting point to consider - despite having bought both of my cars elsewhere they still treated me properly, even though they'd remind me of it every once so often), but based on at least two people I know there it would seem to me that they would be willing to set up a good deal for a client - but objectively, I can't comment on it.