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Ok. One last shot at selling these. Apparently, nobody's in the mood to think about snow tires now that spring is pretty much upon us here in New England. Guess that's understandable.

Perhaps the best thing for me to do is stack these wonderful Winter Sports in the storage room and forget about them until this November or December. Then, we'll all be dreading the cold snowy season and scurrying for some good quality snow shoes for our beloved performance vehicles. More than likely, I'll have success selling for my original asking price of around $250.

Before I do that, here's one last offer:
Come pick these up here in NH and they're yours for $150, complete with convenient Tire Totes!, yes $150.

And before you ask, No, I will not lug these things down to the UPS shipping store for $150. That price is for local pickup here in NH before I put them away and forget about them for the summer.

Great deal folks. Think ahead.