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Well I thought I had read everything related to the inop blower on the forums then I came across this:

Originally Posted by aman475
Hello all

I had a problem with the heater blower motor it was not working at all. I checked the fuses ,they were ok then i decided to replace it.but before you replace it please take out the micro filter from under the bonnet

Then from the passenger side duct on the right hand driven cars look at the blower motor .you will see a rusty bolt please take wd40 and a long straw and put it on top of put lot of it eg a spoon full.

Then turn your car on and make sure the blower is on from the digital controls .move the blower motor with help of a screw driver or any other object that could get into the duct .and it will start working .if your motor is not fully blown .

Good luck
I tried it during my lunch break and sure enough the blower cage was frozen (as in lightly seized). I stuck my hand in and freed it up, turned on the A/C and it blew like my first girlfriend.

A side note to the above procedure, the plastic blower cage is press fit onto the motor shaft so spraying WD-40 on the visible part of the rusty shaft is pointless since the (inaccessible) motor bushings are underneath the cage and none of it will make it's way down where it needs to be.

I realize this is a temporary fix since the seized motor shaft due to moisture ingress is a well known issue so I expect at some point to take the actual assembly out, clean & lube it or just plain replace it. Nonetheless, the above fix gets me back in action until I have the time to do it right (or it needs to be freed up again lol ).

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