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Originally Posted by fazman View Post
Well the first thing you should always get for any car is a tune. Without the tune... no matter what performance changes you make... it will almost never give you the full benefit of the upgrade and more then likely will hurt performance.

A CAI (Cold Air Intake/Cone/hi flow drop in filter) won't really give you much benefit just with that change alone unless your stock filter was hella dirty! If it was just badly dirty and we toss in a new one... you will just be getting back all your lost power.

I don't think i can even feel 10hp, like some people say changing out my stock exhaust will give me 10-20hp, to be honest... spending $2k-$3k is not a good ROI on $-to-hp. But the JB4+Cone+USB cable will give a huge bump for only $600! Plus open the doors to future mods with no additional costs to upgrade the tune to match it.

The added benefit is you can also get lots of diagnostic features in the JB4 + you can use the USB cable for uploading new firmware to the JB4 OR data logging to your laptop from the JB4 for tuning/trouble shooting. It's such a BARGAIN!!!
Gotta agree with fazz on this one , got the jb4 + cone + USB and that all the mods I have currently & and I gotta say it makes a hell of a difference in power , I'm gonna meet up with faz tomorrow so if anyone wanna wipp my car to see how it feels ur more than welcome