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Originally Posted by 335iheLLraiseR View Post
Gary C have you taken apart a Brembo, GT 6 piston caliper,and an E55 caliper. its the exact same caliper.
Actually, YES I have.

The bodies look similar, but the AMG caliper is physically larger and accommodates a much different pad shape. On the AMG caliper there is a bolt that runs through the bridge to add the necessary stiffness to strengthen the pad window since it is a much larger opening than the 6-piston GT caliper. The caliper itself is taller, wider, and thicker than the GT caliper. The superior performance of the Brembo GT caliper comes from the more compact designs, reduced weight and overall size, maximum stiffness, and much better short annulus pad design.

They do look similar so I can understand the simple mistake of assuming they are the same. Unfortunately it's nothing more than an assumption on your part to think that.

Originally Posted by 335iheLLraiseR View Post
and no, i dont think the markup simply because of the roundel is justified. All of this math has been done before, and successfully and its not as hard as some care to believe.
There is no extra markup just for the roundel.
You can look at ANY existing 14" 6-piston Brembo GT system and it is the same price whether it is for a Subaru STi, Ferrari F430, BMW335 or Audi A4. The piston diameters are different from one application to another to maintain proper bias, and the machined parts are engineered for their intended application, but nothing else is different. You are paying for the cost of the highest quality components available, and the engineering and development that goes into each system. That's it!

Like I said, there are shortcuts you can take to minimize the costs by making a system yourself with miscellaneous parts, or go for another brand that outsources their manufacturing from overseas and then marks it up when they put their final stamps or marketing twists on it. That is not how Brembo does things and the performance, quality and longevity will prove that.

Originally Posted by 335iheLLraiseR View Post
would you like a link to what the audi board vendors are doing for upgrade kits that use 996 calipers AND rotors with a custom hat and bracket?
Again, the Audi scenario is the same as what I covered in a previous post.
MUCH much different from a properly developed aftermarket Brembo kit.
Granted, I know the piston diameters of the calipers that are being used in many of the Audi applications and they are more appropriate than I would have guessed, but the fact of the matter is that all of the other components fall short. The calipers are great since they come from Brembo manufactured for Porsche, but they too are developed for OEM consumption and do not follow the same criteria or offer the same total benefit of the aftermarket product line.


It is a viable option as long as you know what you are getting yourself into.
Be aware of the safety issues if it is nor done correctly.
Don't fool yourself into thinking it is the same as what you would get in a Brembo GT system.
And don't expect the same overall performance, longevity or build quality.
It's just not physically possible to product the same results at such reduced costs.