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Not that I do this... all the time... or am overly anal about paint care etc... but...

I have nurmerous places that in order to avoid swirls in your paint (Jet black) do NOT dry your car with a towel... use a leaf blower or something else. my local car wash has one of those reverse vaccums in the wash bays that you can manually air dry your car - it sucks and is a total PITA but does prevent swirl marks.

but back to your question, ebay has paint matched "pens" with the color of one end and a "clear coat" on the other end ... think of it like a double highlighter.. I got one for my old nissan before I got my BMW and worked great.

No scratches on the BMW yet to warrant using touch up paint, but if I had to, ebay would prob be the route I would go. You can find quality paint matches, no worries there.

BMW dealer also has them for sale.

A quick search on ebay, I found this: &hash=item5aea0e2eb5&vxp=mtr