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help with rear turn signal

Hey guys so today I went to go start my car and lately been getting this rear turn signal warning. It would come on when I start my car and then go off when I start driving. Today it came on while I was driving and I checked my tail lights and the right one wasent signalling. The front right would blink rapidly. Left side. Is working perfectly fine. What can be the problem? this ruined my day)

Edit: hey guys so I drove around a bit I got a video of the probelm as well but not sure how to upload. It started to work perfectly fine agagain but after a while it started happening again on and off now it completly won't fix it self. The right side blinks fast and the left side blinks normally. If you guys know what's wrong please help

Edit: Brake lights are all working

Edit: video added. Also when it stops working, i clicked the emergency button and it worked. Then i turn it off and itll be fine then after awhile itll stop working.

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