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Transmission Service, Opinions needed

Im sure this is in the right section?

anyways, i have 88,000 Km's on my 06' 330i (AT) with no extended warranty. i have been doing lots of research but since its such a controversial topic, i kinda wanted to get a better idea. this is quite an expensive service so i wanna get this right.

if you were in my shoes. would you change the fluid?
the 'lifetime' fluid is good for about 160,000km (says my SA). but what about after that? is the transmission just garbage lol, seems like what their getting at.

i want to keep my car for a long time, possibly up grade in the process but still always want to have this car for some time to come.

but looong story short, would YOU change the fluid + pan(filter) + gasket assuming the price isnt an issue for you. like i say i have 88,000 km's on my car and im kind of at the point where its either i leave it alone or change it now.

appreciate any insight, just dont wanna change it then have things slipping or going wrong. also, if things do go wrong. would it be covered under some kind of service/ parts warranty the dealership would provide for the service if something did start going wrong?

thanks guys