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Noob gains are the best time of your life in the gym. To be honest - the advice in this thread so far is so-so. You are not ready for split workouts like some are suggesting. No small iso movements. You're best bet will be compound lifts. You hit every bodypart with compound movements.

The most important things for you = Diet and Sleep (recovery)

If you want to grow, eat about 500 cals over maintinance calories over 6 meals a day. Rule of thumb: If you're about 160lbs, multiply by 15 to get maint calories = 2400 (for an active person). Add 400-500 cals to gain muscle. Eat clean!

Personally, I would just eat at maint. for a few weeks to see where you're at. You'll lose bodyfat and gain lean mass with this programming. I've used it on clients for many years. I've trained professionally for 6 years now (don't confuse professional with some 24 hour fitness trainer who passed one NASM exam).

You can't handle much volume right now. If you have too much volume, you over-train your CNS and you are losing out on gains. Your CNS isn't trained for high volume yet so you need programming with built in deloading.

An example would be 3 times a week. M W F (Heavy, Medium, Light)
The weights you would use are percentages of you current 10 Rep Max (RM) for the following lifts.

1. Squat
2. Flat Barbell Bench
3. Bent Over Rows
4. Military Press
5. Stiff Legged Deadlifts
6. Bicep Curl
7. Calf Raises
8. Lat Pull Downs (Optional because you'll be tanked)

2 Warm Up Sets (25% of 10RM, 50% of 10RM)
2 Working Sets (100% 10RM)

Week 1 = 4 sets of 8 M(100% 10RM) W(90% 10RM) F(80% 10RM)
Week 2 = 4 sets of 9 M(100% 10RM) W(90% 10RM) F(80% 10RM)
Week 3 = 4 sets of 10 M(100% 10RM) W(90% 10RM) F(80% 10RM)
Week 4 = 4 sets of 11 M(100% 10RM) W(90% 10RM) F(80% 10RM)
Week 5 = 4 sets of 12 M(100% 10RM) W(90% 10RM) F(80% 10RM)

If you complete 12 reps of your 10 Rep Max on Week 5, then you've grown. You would add 10% weight and start over on Week 1 with your NEW 10 Rep Max.

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