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yeah, those look like S54 throttles to me too.

I'm not planning on doing 'ITBS' because I think the stock throttle is too small, I know as well as you that just bolting on 'ITBS' doesn't usually result in gains. But I looked at a number of things, and in order to get an airbox like I'd like (basically what you posted above), I'd have to custom make an adapter anyway. So basically it's a cheap/simple way to mount the airbox.

The hose clamp idea would be fine, except the port shape is oval and the airbox has round outlets. I just don't think that would work very well. The S54 throttles already have a nicely designed taper from the round to oval shape - it's already proven and battle tested.

And then you still need to deal with mounting the throttle plate somewhere, and it has to be before the filter. It just doesn't make sense IMO, because it's just as much work and it's probably not as good.

Since I'm not using a MAF, I don't care about that placement of the throttle. What the S54 throttles would allow is bolting up that airbox and you're basically done. The stock DME can control the S54 throttle motor, basically you'd just copy all the settings from MSS70.

The original plan was to do something similar to what you posted; I already have an N52 manifold I cut apart. I wasn't going to run any throttle at all - I'm sure it would work well, but I'm just not comfortable having no safe backup in case of a Valvetronic failure.
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