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amateur use of e46 on a racetrack

Hi guys.

I bought a 80k miles e46 320ci with MT, M-suspension.
Did a couple of mods - low-temp thermostat (triggers at 92celsius, coolant temp doesn't exceed 92c with it), front brakes from bmw330 (front brake rotor diameter is 325mm).
I want to take the car for a occasional spin on a race track.

The car doesn't have an oil cooler (this mod for non-M e46 is pretty pricey).
Can it be used on a track in an easy manner (I'm not too fast of a driver and don't like to put a car in danger of hitting it into a wall)? Maybe 2 aggressive laps, then one slow lap for cooling down? Or the absence of an oil cooler will soon kill the engine? Does the e46 enter limp mode when oil overheats or it just keeps running until engine failure?
I'll use hi-temp brake fluid and performance brake pads.
Appreciate 0