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Originally Posted by BoostedBMW View Post
Very nice explanation. I'm not sure why it was directed at me since I revmatch everyday and heel/toe pretty often despite this gas pedal setup that I hate in this car, but that's a rant for another thread.

Ok, I guess I worded my other post wrong. I have always known why you need to revmatch. All you need to do is drive 100ft and downshift without doing so to realize this. What I don't get is why you need release the clutch when revmatching/downshifting. To me, this seems like a waste of time when you can just keep your foot down on the clutch, which is the same as being in neutral, and blip the throttle right before letting it back out. I just do it in a fluid motion. To have to release the clutch out to blip the throttle and then put it back in, just to release it once again seems like its redundant for no reason. Maybe I just have a different driving style, but when I downshift its smooth and quick so I guess I have to be doing something right. BTW, I'm not talking in theory here about a friend who told me how to drive a MT. I drive one everyday for the past several years so I understand what's going on between the engine and the drivetrain, but I just don't get the practice of actually hitting the clutch twice when you can get the same results in only doing so once. Does this make sense to anyone else?

*edit*... I just re-read your response about synchros versus a dogbox and I now realize what you are trying to say, which is exactly what I was thinking in that its not necessary to doubleclutch a street car. I thought I was going crazy for a minute.
My post was not directed at anyone in particular.

I just read your edit. That is exactly what I was saying - it is not necessary to doubleclutch a street car. You can hold the clutch in and blip to match revs and then let the clutch out. I got in the habit of double clutching and did it in my (previous) street car. It was not really necessary but it kept me in practice and I got to play race car driver. .
On a car with synchros you can shift smoothly without using the clutch at all. You can let off the accelerator and shift into neutral without the clutch. If you gently push the shifter towared the next geat when the revs match the tranny will pop into gear. This is easier on an upshift than a downshit because you don't have to blip while in neutral, I don't necessarily recommend trying this because if you don't get it right you will get a horrible grinding of gears.

I have the OEM aluminum pedals. It seems that they would make heel and toe easier to do - but since my 335 is a Steptronic I am speculating.



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