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Originally Posted by jnizzle View Post
So what is the best method for slow inclined freeway ramp traffic?
reading your previous post, you are talking about highway entrance ramp in the morning during rush hours where there is a light that only allow 2 cars at most to get throught the ramp. We have that too in texas. Here is what I do when i am in the lane of the entrance ramp and maybe you can try it out at your own risk .

Because only 2 cars exit the ramp per green light, you will move a very short distance and have to stop again. Well, when the car in front of you move, you don't necessarily have to move forward right away, wait a bit for another session of green light and 2 more additional cars will exit and you have more distance now to move forward (this might piss off folks behind you-but how cares).

Second (this is what I do), when I am in the entrance ramp in the rush hours of the morning, I time myself by driving slow and keeping an eye on the distance of the car in front of me. This is done in 1st gear. As soon as the car in front of me brake, I let out the gas and just let the car coast in first gear and just let the car craw up slowly. You will see your RPM needle drop very fast and just keep an eye on the needle and feel a sudden slow movement in the car and the car behind you might not realized that your car is slowing down (no red brake light since you have not pressed on the brake). But in bumper to bumper traffic, this is not really that dangerous but someone who is not paying attention can rear end you. Most of the entrance ramps in my area has a slop but it does not slope enough to stall the car. The trick is to keep the RPM needle below 1K mark and above the .5K mark, if the needle falls below .5k mark, either give some gas or press the clutch and brake.
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