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Originally Posted by frryy
Originally Posted by NJ 1161 View Post
Found a DIY under 'm5 smg knob retro fit'.

Not sure if it looks too complicated or not yet ?

Will have a proper read when not at work!
Yea i remember reading in that thread that the PIN connector for the M5 and M3 were different.

OP: how does the DCT knob fit onto the shaft? Does it spin or does it lock into place so that it will always face the right direction?

Think it will need a bit of research!! ( and probably my friend who's clever with electrics)

Fitted straight on and drove all today with no twisting so guess it's locked!

Need to double check to be sure ( so dont quote me yet) but if needed will apply some double sided tape or similar around the shaft to secure. If needed it will certainly be minimal.