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Originally Posted by kingofthedemo View Post
Here's a few other shots I took while in downtown Memphis. The big brick building was built in the late 1890's it's rumored to be haunted and is massive inside, it's been vacant for years, people try to sneek in and explore, I did when I was young, It's really scary inside at night!

The smaller brick building is a very old bar, called Earnestine & Hazel's , that was a whore house in the early 1900's it's also rumored to be haunted, it's such a fun place to grab a few beers on the weekend, they kept the upstairs original and they let you go upstairs and explore, all of the creepy old rooms. There have been a few movies filmed there as well.

Across the street is the arcade diner, another historic building that's the same as it was in the 1920's.

I use to live in Germantown. Love memphis! And love your car