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Head count of VANOS replacement individuals

I'm suspecting future VANOS's failure for my vehicle (12/07 build date), 69K miles, used M1 0w40 or Castrol 0w30

1)Marbles in a can like noise during cold start in the interior of the car

2) "warble-warble" like noise at the top of the engine near the VANOS timing gear during the same conditions

3) repeated VANOS codes and CEL lights after WOT runs

I'm just gathering information from others. Please post if you've had a complete VANOS assembly replacement done, not VANOS solenoid-related stuff. Post your build date, type of oil, milage, and symptoms. I'm wanting to keep the thread alive for future buyers or current owners who may have the same issue. I guess no BMW is safe from VANOS issue's.
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