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Originally Posted by stickypaws View Post
I have the same M156 motor in my E63. Stock it sits at 507 hp and 465 ft lb torque (US version.) With a Kleemann K3 tune it's potentially up to 565 HP and 507 ft lb torque. The M156 does have more potential (even though it's a NA motor) and especially in its de-tuned version that comes in the C series. The M156 comes tuned by the factory according to platform.

The new C63 coupe with the AMG P31 development package option (with the M159 internals, locking diff, factory ECU tune for 30 more hp) and with aftermarket bolt-ons (intake and headers) and ECU tune, can top this new BS's stock specs. And it will have the MCT, too.

So that's the only reason why I said "mainly cosmetic" since you could conceivably get the new C63 coupe and get to that 517/477 without a huge effort.

But if the chassis is indeed different on the BS, then that would be a bigger differentiating factor. But the new coupe will also have a new and better tuned suspension, so maybe the BS will simply have different sways and stiffer struts. Who knows (yet)...

One of the big things that always seems to get in the way of this sort of model designation is marketing. How do you market the same platform so that it will sell as a seemingly totally different version. In the end is it really that different or just marketed to appear that way. Anyway, we'll have to wait and see.

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You sound like my buddies who have AMG's - Slam the gas, slam the brakes...