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Originally Posted by hun77777 View Post
they DO have part numbers for 1/2 liters. part dept guy at local dealership told me it came as drums but they don't sell it as drums to customers and that's why they have all these parts numbers for different measurements. here you see in the link below they listed shell M1375.4 in 20L and 1L part numbers. and yes they told me it's just part numbers for 1/2 liter measurement so you may want to bring this up to your dealer and see what they say...
Just called 3, that right 3 BMW dealership part departments, and they have NO IDEA what that part number (83220406929) is!!! They say that its in their system, but that it is some kind of oil, but it is Definitely NOT for the new turbo 6 speed auto transmissions! They've NEVER, EVER, put this stuff in those 6 automatic transmissions! HUN, good luck with whatever the hell they put in your vehicle!

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