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Originally Posted by Bcube View Post

Why do I get the impression that some folks mistake the columns / pages of 11A & 11B Class of approved oils as the LIST? The whole document is the LIST. It even states it in the title. List of lubricants TE-ML 11.

That is why Lifeguard6 and Lifeguard6 Plus is not placed in the category under 11A or 11B oils. Because they aren't 11A or 11B class oils. Manuf. brand names are given in the category of 11A or 11B class oils which are "listed" with the appropriate 3/4/5 speed AT. And "listed" with appropriate 6AT model of transmission, are the Lifeguard6 and Lifeguard6 Plus and the car manufacturers' part numbers of the oil.
+1 This is correct, see the email responses from them that I posted earlier. This is also where I was confused, assuming that ZF Lifeguardfluid6 was either 11A or 11B, but this is not the case. Only Lifeguardfluid5 and some others fall under the 11A or 11B categories, they just post Lifeguardfluid6 on the TE-ML 11 bulletin, but it is not 11A or 11B.

Again, do what you want with regards to the fluid, as long as it makes you feel comfortable. And like you said, if you are changing every 30k, there is probably no reason you can't use a M-1375.4 substitute like the Pentosin ATF-1. Just don't expect them to make it to 100k miles.