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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
No, I mean on a two lane road, it is illegal to over-take a vehicle on the vehicle's right side (i.e. blind side). It's an old law that stems from back in the time when American cars did not have right-hand review mirrors. Two lane road means two (2) lanes going the same direction. Most states have this law, or one similar to it. The matching law to it is you are supposed to move right when over-taking cars are approaching from the rear.
Can you show me one state law that prohibits passing another vehicle on the right while on a a road with two lanes going the same direction? I will tell you Texas it isn't true. I suspect NO states have such a law. It is generally unlawful to pass on an unimproved shoulder, or a paved shoulder unless to pass a vehicle stopped in the main lane.

And what you described is a 4 lane road. 2 lane road generally describes a roadway with one lane in each direction.
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