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Originally Posted by stephano5 View Post
does using an iPad with 3.5mm aux in really lose that much quality?
There was a test not long ago (I will have to see if I can find it) of the output of the headphone jack on the iphone. I am not sure how different the iPad is, but the overall consensus seemed to be the headphone jack was a pretty decent output.

Found one link, there are a few different measurements of each phone on there:
iphone 5 measurements on

With that said, the headphone jack gets plugged into a headphone jack in the armrest that then goes into another port on the radio and then gets output from the radio to the back of the car. It would be much cleaner (less connections and a more direct digital signal) to use an AE or ATV in the back of the car next to the amp(s) where the signal travels digitally until it is converted within a short distance to the amp/processor. There is less chance the signal is interfered with in that case (at least theoretically). You could also argue the use of a better DAC than what is in the iPhone/iPad would also increase the quality of the music.
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