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Originally Posted by mathematics View Post
Well, right now, it is just an idea. I know that this meridian explorer USB Dac works with the iPads that have the 30 pin connector, and I want to find out if it will work with the iPad mini and the new lighting connector. I chose the meridian because of the amazing reviews and it has optical out which would go right from the iPad mini to Dac to helix p-dsp active crossover so as to not have any analog signal involved until dsp to amps. Keep in mind I completely removed the iDrive system and currently use a Kenwood Excelon double din head unit where the factory head unit was. I'm not familiar with the pure i20, so I can't comment on it. There are a few USB dacs available, but the meridian seems to have the best design as far as components used, plus it is small. Ultimately I'd like to remove the Kenwood and just use the iPad mini for everything including navi. iTunes Match allows me to have my 20,000+ songs available, Sirius XM, pandora, and a sweet navi app that is cheap and works amazingly well (Motion X GPS )
Very cool. I have been debating this and can't make up my mind, which is part of why I am interested in this scenario. I currently run everything through the factory head unit into my zapco amps. I bought the double din kit with thoughts of doing an ipad mini or kindle in there. I have also thought about something like a kenwood (bought the dnx7190hd for my wife) and running through that. Decisions decisions...

Kaigoss69, Any update? Was going to play with my apple TV so need a 12v to 3.3v step down like yours.
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