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Originally Posted by turbotko View Post
So if the CO2 system can get the IC to say 15 degrees F and the denser air makes it run lean...........what happens to the guys up north that run their cars in -20 degree F temperature. Their cars must be really really lean huh.

There's so much BS information in this thread I swear I lost 10 points off my IQ just by reading it.
Well I'm no expert in CO2 sprayed IC's, just trying to apply some logic:

How could a sudden loss of temperature happen during normal conditions? Well, like crashing to the freezer. Anyway, my point is - there is a pretty high possibility the car's management isn't ready to handle s/t like this, why would it be, right? So a sudden major drop in temperature, causing exponentially more oxygen in the intake, logically not followed by an adequate reaction of the ECU, can cause the engine running lean. So?