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Originally Posted by druu View Post
For event shooting 24mm is usually wide enough and the distortion is much more well controlled for people photos. That said, i usually find myself with an ultrawide and a 50L, or a 35L/85L combo and use my feet to zoom when i'm carrying two bodies at once. I've only rented the new 24-70, but its ridiculous, definitely sharper than a 16-35 at all focal lengths that overlap.
I find that shooting events I tend to use my 24L more than my 35L for that extra reach especially when i'm dealing with groups and not so much space behind me. I'm still fighting the urge to get a 24-70 because it'll only be used at events I do once in awhile.

Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Anyone using wide-angle and ultra-wide angle lenses and/or wide zooms, should use digital lens optimization during their Raw conversion. Digital Photo Profession, DxO Optics Pro, Lightroom and other software will automatically adjust for geometric distortion, chromatic aberration, vignetting, and other distortion at every focal length and every aperture.

I use my EF 24-105mm f/4L IS as one of my main lenses, including critical landscapes on my tripod, with mirror lock-up, low ISO, etc., resulting in seriously sharp images. Without DLO, I was ready to send my 24-105mm back to Canon for adjustment (I'd received clearance to do so), but with it, I'm extremely pleased with prints up to 50" on the long side. (I'm going to try some larger prints).

My only issue with DLO is that it takes up double the space which to me means more hard drives which isnt a big issue but at times it can be a pain. But maybe I'll give it another shot and see how much more it helps since i'm always shooting with my 24L.