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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
Its a E46 320d problem.
I beg to differ.

I understand it is more of a problem with the sixes rather than the fours, but they have had problems too. I speak from experience with the 5 series E60/61where the modified flaps were fitted from 2004 on. They aren't plastic, but are brass (?) covered in a rubber gasket. The modification included spindles 0.5mm larger diameter than the earlier flaps. My car is a 2004, with later spindles, but for peace of mind and for want of an hour or so to do the job, I removed the flaps. Performance (on a 530d) was unaffected, as was driveability and (according to my MOT station) emissions were unaffected too. The only difference I found was slightly better fuel consumption. Speaking to a fellow forum-ite last week, he has had better fuel consumption ex-flaps on his E90 320d.

Certainly on 5 serries cars, there have been many, many replaced - just ask the likes of PMW - they wouldn't be in the business of manufacturing the blanks if it was all scaremongering. Admittedly, there doesn't seem to be as much said on the 3 series forums as on the 5 series forums - possibly because a higher percentage of diesel 5ers are six cylinder, rather than fours.

So back to the OP - yes, your 335d will have the dreaded flaps. I would suggest that as you are out of warranty, get them thrown away!

BTW - if you look, with the aid of a mirror, on the right side of the engine, next to the block, under the inlets (no need to take any covers off), you should (just) see the flaps operating arm that runs the length of the engine to the actuator at the rear.

I'm looking at getting a 335d E91 very soon, hence my presence on the forum, and one of the first things to happen is the swirl flaps will be binned.