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Originally Posted by stupordave View Post
Just ordered an AP for my 2011 335is. It was recommended I start with the stage 1 aggressive map considering I have 93 octane readily available. No other mods. Any advice on things to do or look for? Does it take time for the car to adjust to the new map? Should I start logging right away to look for potential concerns or is it ok just to drive for a while? Brand new to tuning so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
If it's the very first time flashing the car i suggest giving it a day to adapt. It really doesn't take that long to adapt but that way you can be sure. Normally it only takes a few miles and 2 or 3 3rd gear pulls to adapt.

You're going to be fine driving while it's adapting, really the worst that can happen is that you may be getting some timing corrections.
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