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Exclamation All lights lit up on dash?! HELP!

Hey I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but I was just driving and all of a sudden all lights came on the dash (well most) i will list them since this is wing posted from my phone am can't add pictures:

"BRAKE" light
"ABS" light
"Air bag"
"Tire Pressure"
"ABS 4x4"
Therea also one below ABS that is a triangle with exclamation point in it and around the triangle there's a circle with an arrow at one tip?

WHAT THE EFFFF HAPPENED?! do I worry?! Do I need to go to BMW and get charged my left Gand for them to just look at it and remove it?" please let me know! Thank you! And sorry I don't have time to look through forums and look for answer, I'm in a parkinglot typing this up! Lol