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It looks like prices and/or supply has changed.
When I was looking to buy, I managed to get my 325i for 8500.
Now I cant find a 325i LCI for less than 10k.

330i's are even more rare in LCi flavour. On AT can only find 2, (Manual/E90/LCI) both over 12k

If I was to change my car, I would go 330d anyway I think.
Problem is, I do not really want to hassle of changing car. I dont have the money to outright buy another and then wait to sell mine.
Which means I would need to PX, and by the sounds of it I am likely to get very little for mine.

With this topic, really just wanted to see if anything can be done.
The way the market is at the moment, the 1300 is cheaper/less hassel then selling/buying 330i/d