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Originally Posted by reppin513 View Post
I took the belt off just now and think at least the tensioning pulley spins freely and barely makes that grainy sound. I saw videos saying that means the bearings are bad. Im still inclined to keep the pulley because it is spinning well, after all, and my relative very versed in this sort of repair, though not on BMWs, said not to replace stand alone pulleys (those not powering anything) if they spin well. He recommended only replacing them if they are becoming seized or cause extra friction to the belt, etc. Do you have any thoughts on this? Im going to just put the new belt on and wait for a solid reply/something to break. Thanks.
If you spin a new pulley, they do not free freely, and make no grainy sound. The fact yours do, means the lubrication is gone, and the next step is the bearings will go bad. It worth the risk to be stranded and possible damage to your accessories if the belt breaks?