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Changed My Oil at 8k Miles, Metal in it?!?!?!

So I couldnt wait for my first oil change. 15k miles on a twin turbocharged engine just didnt seem right.

So I bit the bullet and did it myself yesterday. Now mind you this isnt my first car, and I know there should be a little metal in the oil the first change.

However, the forums advised me against it saying that it doesnt happen with the N54 because theyre "broken in from the factory", or they're engineered with such tolerances that it isnt a problem in these engines (derp).

When I pulled the plug my finger was literally covered in shimmering glittery bits.

I took another sample after most of it had drained and there were still a few glittery fragments in it then too.

Now my question is, have I damaged my engine significantly by waiting this long to change the oil?

I'm really mainly concerned with turbo life, especially as I will be keeping this car long past the warranty mark.

I will be changing the oil again in 1k miles or so to continue flushing the bits out.