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Originally Posted by Clap135 View Post
About two weeks ago in colder weather a 2.0 jb3 guy on 17psi, race gas, open catless downpipes(no exhaust at all), no lid on the box ran 119.7 trap wise. Best et was a 11.9 @ 116-117 on hoosiers.

1 night before I ran a couple jb3 map 9 guys went and the mt car went 110-11 best, at went 112-113, both were on race gas. Mods were dci/dp for the 112-113 car. Conditions were alot colder than when I ran. I need to go to a real track I think.
open dp is better than dp with exhaust. no lid is about as good as dci. so that makes sense.

the at map 9 w/ dci+dp on race gas was a little slow imo.

I'm guessing those were 335. Your car is running fast as hell imo. I need to know how you are doing it lol.
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