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330i Tune up 100k miles (Pics Inside)

Ok ive been putting off installin new plugs in my car since i did my headers. And when i found out 4 out of 6 exhaust gaskits from header to motor were leaking! Witch was making my Pre cat o2's dump more fule due to the extra oxygen. Well when i did my header mod i had 82k miles and im sure the plugs needed to be changed then but after 18k miles of running extra rich! They looked yummy here's pics i also replaced all 6 coil packs. cabin air filter, Cleaned the MAF, changed the rear end oil, did a oil changed (RP 0w-40) and i gotta say WOW i know my butt dyno is not good but its like a whole new car. i swear i noticed more low end TQ and my top end is amazing!
I noticed the gap from old to new plugs were huge. I almost fit a nickels thickness from old to new.

I also noticed a flat impression on the prong were it fires from on all 6 plugs.

I used plustar dg1i plugs

Wish i got pics of them befor install so my bad i was in a rush to finish up this afternoon.

All 6 (100k miles)

Cyl 1

Cyl 2

Cyl 3

Cyl 4

Cyl 5

Cyl 6


Just thought i would share with you guys so u can see what 100k plugs look like.