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I called the BMW helpline about the E90 fire risk recall. They said mine was not affected (2011 E90 LCI). But that it needed some kind of brake vacuum recall. I too welcome any issues they find although I won't be getting them to fix them.

I've already had the "vehicle health check" video emailed to me. It basically just tells me how much tread depth on each tyre (which I already knew because I just replaced all four tyres a few months ago), and the brake pad thickness at each wheel (which I already knew because I did them myself last month) and not a fat lot else.

They're going to clean it, but it doesn't really need cleaning. Let's see if they come back with anything else. The service has been great up to know but I guess that's why people pay the premium. I like to DIY most of the maintenance and repairs if I can because then I know it's done right and I can satisfy my slight OCD.

Update: Just had a call, it's all done. They've said they can't find a single thing wrong with it and that it's clearly a well maintained car. Damn... I was hoping for a new timing chain out of it. At least I can get rid of this horrible Mini Club/Countryman thing they've given me.

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