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Originally Posted by bmstyle71 View Post
-Do you recall how 90% of the Canadian population lives within 100km of the U.S border?
=Do you recall how when you went to Aghanistan you were wearing your GREEN CAMO in the desert?
-Do you recall how you didn't even have vehicle and had to a hitch a ride with the U.S troops?

Dude don't even I lived in both places and a dog in a cage here has more freedom than you and your cops are power abusing dick wads and you know it.
1) Yes, 90% of the Canadian population lives within 100 km of the US border.

2) Yes, I recall that the Canadian troops were supplied with European camo in Afghanistan.

3) Yes, I recall that they needed some help there.


1) The crew of the Apollo 13 would NOT have survived without the help of a Canadian space agency (something NOT mentioned in your big, Hollywood hit...convenient)

2) The size of our army would increase exponentially if at the time of conflict, a Canadian was in charge at NORAD.

3) Our troops were the only ones to achieve their objectives during the Normandy invasion. In fact, we were miles ahead of any British or US troops.