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Originally Posted by Holden_Caulfield04 View Post
1) Yes, 90% of the Canadian population lives within 100 km of the US border.

2) Yes, I recall that the Canadian troops were supplied with European camo in Afghanistan.

3) Yes, I recall that they needed some help there.


1) The crew of the Apollo 13 would NOT have survived without the help of a Canadian space agency (something NOT mentioned in your big, Hollywood hit...convenient)

2) The size of our army would increase exponentially if at the time of conflict, a Canadian was in charge at NORAD.

3) Our troops were the only ones to achieve their objectives during the Normandy invasion. In fact, we were miles ahead of any British or US troops.

1) The crew of apollo 13? I can count them on my fingers. Your whole 30 million people wouldn't not survive without the u.s
2) What army? The one with muskets?
3) Normandy? That's one damn battle out of the whole world war. Every time a Canadian wants to tell me about their army they throw Normandy.
4) You agreeing to all these things is enough for me to prove my point and that is why I am living here.
5) I am against half the shit this country did so don't get me wrong and think I'm an American that blindly supports my country in everything they do.
Have fun against a whole province that would ban an animal because of the retarded residents that are training them to kill and fight.
6) The one thing I will give you credit for is the Avro arrow and that's it ...and bombardier because they make CRJ's and I love those