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Originally Posted by Holden_Caulfield04 View Post
It's true that we have a massive economic connection with the US, but honestly, if we turn off the taps on our water and oil supplies, the US is basically running at 10% capacity. We supply the majority (IIRC) of your oil which means we basically control your economy and your military.

And here's a few other battles to look up...

1) The Battle of the Atlantic (there's two of these)
2) The Battle of Hong Kong (yeah, that's right, we Canadians were in the Pacific in 1939, YEARS before you guys arrived)
3) The Battle of Ypres
4) The Battle of Passchendale
5) The Battle of the Somme (the Canadian portion)
6) The Battle of Vimy Ridge

And that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

And yes, I too do not agree wholeheartedly with everything we do as a nation, either. For example, this seal hunting thing doesn't look altogether pleasant. What I take exception to is ignorant slander against my nation (not saying that your statement does, that's just a general statement).

And also, our engineering achievements go far beyond the Avro Arrow (which was faster than the F/A-18 jets you sold us...thanks). Think of it, the CN Tower, the Skydome, the massive Canadian rail network. The CF-100 was pretty remarkable, too. Bombardier is a leader in modern aviation. Our companies supply all kinds of parts and equipment to high tech firms there. Plus, many of your brightest minds, are in fact our brightest minds.
Avro arrow and Bombardier ...don't push it lol and you bought the f18's lol.
If I begin to list battles by the U.S I'd have 10 fold of what you have.