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'07 E92 335i SOLD
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I'm thinking now as long as it doesn't happen again or become a persistant problem I'm not going to worry about taking it in to the dealer and just cancel the appointment. I like to keep my car out of that place if at all possible, as I'm sure a few here can relate to that .

As for the PROcede, looks like in the future I'll have to have it completely uninstalled or get new bypass plugs. I had a performance shop install it and I just checked the box that had the C-Reader, paperwork, etc. in it and my bypass plugs are nowhere to be found! I'm pretty sure he just threw them out . I don't remember getting them back. At the time I didn't know exactly what they were. Oh well, dumb on my part too. Looks like I'll just have it uninstalled or get more from Shiv later.