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Originally Posted by EastCoast335i View Post
traction control was completely disabled.
what line# in the excel spreadsheet are you seeing throttle closure?
I'm not sure what to look for?
keep in mind i am 6mt, the only time there should be closure is when i shifted gears from 3rd to 4th. the rest of the run was done WOT, foot pinned to the ground.
You'll look at TPS actual when looking for throttle closures. The DME uses the throttle plate to regulate boost, so when you have an overboost the DME will close the throttle plate. The DME also uses the throttle plate as part of the traction control system to regulate power and wheel spin, that's why it can be a hard to tell which is which unless you know traction control was disabled.

Check this thread out, it's pretty helpful to get started reading and interpreting datalogs.
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