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Originally Posted by c-hri-s View Post
I'm sure you're a genuine bloke, but buying second hand (it IS second hand, even if it's still wrapped) has risks. You could have dropped it in the river, it could be nicked .. I'm sure it's not, but with risk comes a reduction in price. If someone is going to save just 60 and then need to pay/arrange postage, it's not too much of a stretch to buy one from source with free delivery where you're more sure of its heritage.

Not trying to crash your thread, but it does keep jumping back to the top. 'Buy me', 'Buy me' gets annoying after a while, particularly if you're not doing anything to sweeten the deal each time.

Sooner or later there will be an iPad 5 and yours will be worth far less. I'd advise to sell it for what you can get and then be happy that it's off your hands.

All friendly advice - but up to you, however.
Thanks for your advice and I'm sorry this bumping up annoyed you. Then, I will stop bumping it up from now on. As for the risk, you can think what you want but I know where I got it from and I have since then kept it at a safe place untouched until today. Cheers