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Originally Posted by Zero_09 View Post
Honestly I want a close to stock sport suspension ride and comfort. I had full on coilovers on my previous car and those did not feel comfy nor did my friends coilovers.
I've never been in a car with coilovers that was comfortable actually so that's why I though I'll look into springs but it seems like that route is the same also.

I don't mind spending the cash on KW1 or the what Sonic tuner is offering but I don't want to be disappointed with a harsh and rough ride.

Suspension is so hard to get it right and your desire, just like with getting wheels. My other car and prior vehicles I tried many COs and suspension combos to my liking and took a while to settle down on one. I believe KW is not adj or fully IIRC. I would try Eibach & Koni FSDs. I heard it stiffs up a bit but still maintain a good comfortable stock ride setting, nothing extreme or harsh.

Best is to see if anyone local got a suspension you like can give you a ride for a show and tell. I know is hard but worth a shot. Looks like you are in T.O so should be fine! The scene is good there and I got fam over there and visit often.