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Originally Posted by Snootch View Post
I just picked up my 2011 e92 w/base stereo, and honestly it isn't bad at all for a stock system. It is just like the HK system except a less powerful amp, and only 6 speakers. It does have an amp in the trunk floor, and tweeter pods.

It lacks in sub output, tonal clarity an higher outputs, and the soundstage isn't there. But as I said earlier, still better than most stock systems I've heard.

I still will be modding it w/ a MS-8, 6-channel amp, and a 10"-12" sub in the trunk.
Generally I agree. I just picked up my 2011 335d last night and I was quite impressed with the stock system esp the clarity of the HD channels. The bass was good and the mid range was decent. It was much better than the stock system in my '08 Lexus IS esp the bass. I am more than happy with the stock system.