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Originally Posted by glennQNYC View Post
In the end, it depends on expectations.

I truly don't mean this in a disparaging way, but don't ever invite me over to show you the differences. It will ruin you and you'll be shopping for a new display. There are major differences. Once you see them, they're difficult to un-see. Honestly I may have been happier before I learned the difference. Truly an ignorance is bliss situation. Trust me.

Edit: a quick example is OLED vs a high-end LCD panel. The OLED seduces people with their inky blacks, but you put them next to a reference LCD and OLED can look underwhelming. Below is this exact comparison. The OLED on the left is clearly struggling to reproduce this bright scene. BTW- these are both SONY displays using the exact same settings.
What's your recommendation for a budget TV for a home office? Looking for sub $800(ish) as it's not going to be my primary tv. What features should I be looking for or prioritizing? I'm looking for something around 42" or less as it's really just going to be something in the corner.