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I would try to avoid pulling the whole assembly out if you cant determine if the leak is from there. That tab that most of them have to install is wildly fragile - basically its there to guide you with that quarter turn at the end and there is a slot you can see it go into place. However, turn beyond that point, and the tab breaks off and you may be in hot water. Not sure if the Duralast plugs are like that, but most of the others are.

As for the o-ring, yeah, the best ones I found were on ebay as BMW doesn't really sell them for most of their clip hoses. Mine happened to include that one with the radiator and I was grateful. There was a guy on YouTube who happened to find some aftermarket o-rings, but his channel escapes me. Worse case, you're buying that one hose which I think is only about $22 or so. I don't have any experience with the Harbor Freight sets but I can tell you that the o-rings at that size have very slight differences in size and it makes a difference.
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