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If you pull the intercooler out you can get a really good look under there. My drain plug was leaking but it was so hard to see from where until I pulled out the Intercooler. Pulling it out is very easy you'll spend more time removing the under tray
Did you pressure test it before you found out? I pressure tested mine and it holds pressure when it's cold which is why I didn't think it could have been a split hose or a leaky drain plug. It only starts to leak when it gets hot and cools down and also doesn't hold pressure then either. This is why I thought it had to have been the old O-Ring excessively shrinking.
No I did not because when I pulled my Intercooler out, everything is pretty visible I was able to find the leak easy. Try jacking the car up and remove the under tray but only loosen the Intercooler, turn the car on and as soon as it starts leaking pull it out and inspect where the leak comes from
Ok I'll give that a shot tomorrow, the O-rings are supposed to be delivered tomorrow so I'll install that and look for any more leaks by removing the IC if I see any coolant coming out. I've noticed though just loosening the IC bolts down and having it drop a few inches has been enough to see the radiator drain plug and the heat exchanger hose that plugs in above the drain plug.
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