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I've read a lot of crap in this thread about social issues and how one candidate targets a certain demographic while another does the opposite. Both are politicians, both have similar tactics. Romney did a great job at attracting those he was aiming at attracting but unfortunately he received a large slice of a continuous growing pie and it clearly was not enough.

This election was not about immigration and sure as hell not about social rights!!! This election was about economic policy. People voted based upon personal incentives such as what they on an individual basis have received. Welfare, food stamps, union payoffs etc...

I heard a story the other day about a professor that was teaching a class about socialism in a "liberal hive college" (great quote by the way). Those in his class were arguing that it is a personal duty to help those that are needy and not as successful as the rest. He decided to treat his class the same way. When the first exam came around, he told them that everybody will be getting the same grade. Some studied and some did not. Average grade was a B so therefore, everybody received a B. This infuriated those who worked hard and allowed those who did not study to enjoy the class without having to do their part. The second exam came around and less people studied hard and the average grade was a C+. At the conclusion of the semester, the whole class had an F.

If I were a student who studied hard in this class, I would demand for the professor to be replaced. If I was a student who did not care and still received an average grade, I would do what I could to keep the professor.

Same general trend is happening in America as we speak.

Welcome to the end of the first exam everyone, it's only going to get more interesting from here on out. I pray that this president can do what he can to turn this country around but I feel that his tactics are only going to be a band-aid on a broken bone and many are blind to this progression.

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