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Regarding your fist paragraph:
Have you walked to every person in the United States and asked them why they are motivated? Have you asked every person in the United States if they receive aid from the goverment? Have you looked at every person receiving aid and made an unprejudiced decision on whether they should or should not be receiving aid?

NO YOU HAVE NOT and polls are not accurate regarding my questions because everyone I know, including myself has never been asked any of these questions.

So therefore I am not 100% wrong nor am I 100% right AND you are not 100% wrong and not 100% right. Do not sit here and tell me that my opinion is wrong because you FEEL that the American Dream is alive and well. The American Dream is alive and well for some who see opportunity to better themselves and become successful through hard work but at the same time it is alive and well for people who sit back and wait for government assistance to get them through life. Both are american dreams and IN MY OPINION the latter of the two IS 100% WRONG.

Regarding your second paragraph:
You repeated exactly what I wrote and I am glad we agree on this issue. If the Republican party wants to be more competitive then they need to scrape away the crap that blinds people of what they actually want to achieve. Romney had great ideas regarding the economy but people seemed to be blinded by the social issues that separate republican vs democrat as opposed to who they were voting for, Obama vs Romney.