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Originally Posted by Roberto Cervezas
Originally Posted by Tracus View Post
I don't think there is one person in here that bought a BMW because it "would be best for the company". Or you and the other guy don't get it? The complaints are not about the company financial portfolio, -which nobody cares anyway because that is their problem-, they are about the product they deliver.

No, the sky is not gonna fall, relax man, you can buy that FWD BMW rival for Aston Martin Cygnet soon.
If somebody fights for something it means it cares about that, there is a big difference. Here, we all love BMW, otherwise we will not bother arguing about those cars.

Also, there is no need to stick with a Sony discman (BTW, tube amplifieres rules and SA CD still sounds better than any data loss iPod or other "evolved" MP3 player you might use, so your analogy is very poor), there are many companies offering good products.
You know, a true melomaniac does not listen his Zeppelin concert in his iPad.
You might call it evolution, but it is not. It is just an afordable compromise.
You're probably not in my line of fire if you know that tube amplifiers rule, and I by no means would buy a fwd BMW. The fact cannot be ignored that companies need to make money, and a car of this type is what will allow BMW to produce the cars people on this forum want. BMW is not getting rid of rwd, so why are so many freaking out and saying they are leaving the brand? I guess that was the point I was making.
Because not everyone wants a car the size of the F30 to get a RWD sedan. Yes, if you want a coupe and the 2er stays RWD you'll have an option but sedan lovers will not.